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Saturday, March 9, 2013

idea for 1st film

In a film where no dialogue, narration or any form of communication in words is permitted, unless of course it is “diegetic”, one immediately thinks of the use of symbolism.  Well…no, not necessarily so, you may say, and that too has truth in it.  My aim, for all the films that I will be making, is not only to entertain but also to resurrect certain thoughts, emotions and questions from the audience.  The title I have in mind for the film is “The Choice”.  The film involves a woman, a strange and peculiar looking one, inspired by Alexander McQueen’s futuristic gothic design.  She is offered a heart, which she gracefully declines, then a bag of money (a cotton bag with a large “$” sign) which she also declines, then a wooden cross, which she also declines.  At last, she is offered a mirror, she finds her reflection amusing and accepts this offer.  After lengthy consideration on the limitations of this project such as, one take, no handheld, no camera movements (aside from pans, tilts and zooms), I decide that these limitations would diminish certain narrative and dramatic aspects of the film, hence this idea is no longer a choice, though the title remains the same.